This is a very common problem experienced by many people especially travelers. The main issue with this is that the door has the ability to lock itself automatically in an Airbnb property and this means if by any means you leave your room without your keys, you are going to be locked out of your house. This occurs to many people mostly due to the reason that they came from a journey and they are very tired or usually coming via airplanes so they experience get lags and blur vision and they don’t have a clear head so they just do things anyhow hoping the day will go by and eventually they make the mistake. There are a couple of stories and reviews online to tell you the quality of the services provided by Airbnb and these could give you an insight on how to be careful when using the Airbnb properties.

Here is the list of things you can do if you lock yourself out of an Airbnb rental.

Make Contact With Your Host

This should be the first line of action if you ever lock yourself out of an Airbnb property. But while doing this there are some things you should have in mind. Firstly, do not expect them to start running to you and expect them to take a little time to get there, at least set your mind to an hour. There might not be anyone close to you and they might be coming from miles away just to sort that you need. You also need to understand that you have made a mistake and they are doing you a favor even if you paid. They usually issue out warnings about this mistake, so it is either you are extra careful or polite.

 Do Not Leave The Property

Bathurst Conveyancer Evan Dowd insists that you do not say you are bored and you want to leave. Make sure you do not leave the property because if you do, when your help comes you won’t be there and if you are not there they can’t open the door because if they do and there is a theft they have to pay for your property and they wouldn’t want that. To make the whole matter straight forward and not compound the problem you need to maintain your position. You have to understand that your host will always try to remedy the situation.

Contact Airbnb

This is also very vital. If you are impatient, and you want to know if there are any updates you can contact the Airbnb resolution center to solve any of the issues or problems. They will respond to you and they will try to solve the problem of you locking yourself out, usually, they send a representative to fix the issue.


Pay attention to your phone battery

You do not want to leave your Airbnb property with a low phone even when you are sure you are with the key and even if for any reason you have a low phone, you should have a charger with you.