Feature or theme market days will be organised to promote and encourage return business.

Setting Prices

All prices (per kilo or per item) must be clearly visible.

Price under-cutting of other stallholders, is not in keeping with the spirit of the Market.

End-of-trading-day discounting is not permitted.

Stallholders should ensure their measuring scales are accurately calibrated, as per standard trading regulations.

Labelling, Signage & Packaging

All stallholders will be expected to comply with the minimum requirements of current trading standards’ regulations regarding labelling and descriptions of goods.

All organic produce must be certified by the relevant accrediting body and be labelled “certified organic.”  Evidence of accreditation must be provided upon application.

Each stallholder must display a sign showing their name and address every day they attend the market.

From the 1st of May 2009 stallholders were banned from handing out plastic shopping bags in accordance with the new South Australian Government legislation. Note that plastic containers & or plastic vegetable/fruit bags are still permitted until further notice.

All stallholders must clearly display a sign advertising Friends of the Market 10% discount.

Health and Safety

Stallholders must confine displays and signs to the stall site and keep pathways clear for shoppers.

Smoking by stallholders is not permitted.

Dogs and other animals are not permitted.

All food stallholders must trade in accordance with the Health Department of South Australia’s food-handling regulations, and other relevant local health laws.

Tap water is available.


It is the responsibility of each stallholder to ensure that they hold appropriate public liability insurance to be viewed by the Market Manager upon application. Stallholders may opt to purchase insurance by the week, at a very reasomable cost, from the Market Manager. This may be of particular interest to occasional stallholders who do not wish to outlay a yearly premium.

Cleanup and Rubbish

All stallholders must ensure that their stall site and the area that surrounds it is left in a clean and tidy state once the market closes each day.  Failure of this requirement will result in the permit to trade being revoked. The Market Manager will ensure that rubbish bins are provided.

Stallholders situated inside the building are asked to assist with the re-setting-up of the tables and chairs after the close of the market each week.


Stallholders are permitted to drive onto or up to their site to unload produce.

Unless produce is to be sold directly from the vehicle, all vehicles must be parked where directed by the Market Manager well before 7:30am.

Driveways must be kept accessible.

Power Access

Power is available following negotiation with the Market Manager. Extension cords and double adaptors need to be supplied by the stallholder.

A fee may be charged for the use of power.

Friends of the Market

The Friends of the Market scheme seeks to encourage customers to support the Riverland Farmers’ Market by offering them a 10% discount on purchases on all stalls (except for the breakfast bar) in return for an annual fee. Other benefits may be viewed on the Friends of the Market page.

Friends of the Market will be identifiable by a card, upon request.

Co-operative Stall

The Food Riverland Inc. Committee operates a Co-operative Stall, run by volunteers each week at the Market, to allow producers, who are unable to attend, to sell their products.

Only Category 1 & 2 products (see point #4 previously) will be sold on the Co-operative Stall.

Producers must be financial members of Food Riverland Inc.

Producers must deliver all stock to the Market Manager by prior arrangement; stock must be appropriately labelled & priced as determined by the Manager; and appropriate storage containers must be supplied. Items requiring refrigeration are not accepted.

Appropriate display signage must be provided.

Fees: EITHER the normal ‘inside’ fee OR 20% of the gross amount of stock sold.

Payment to Co-operative Stall producers will be made by the Manager via electronic transfer.


Failure to abide by the rules of this market as set out in the charter will result in the stall-holder’s permit to trade being revoked.