There are so many things that can cause a windshield to be cracked or chipped. This could involve something as unnoticeable as heat or something as noticeable as a stone. Either ways one should not consider ignoring cracks at all as they can cause dangers which can be life-threatening both for the driver and other individuals on the road. Most individuals think the worst that can happen to them is getting stuck with a ticket when they drive with a chipped or cracked windshield but unfortunately, that is just where the danger starts.

Duration for driving with a cracked windshield.

It is not recommended at all to drive with a broken windshield and if you would have to drive with a broken windshield then you must not do so for more than 3 days assuming you can avoid tickets for that long. You need to understand that the longer you stay with a cracked windshield, the longer you expose yourself to the dangers of having to suffer from any unforeseen circumstance. This could even be worse and the tendency of these unfortunate events increases when these cracks block the view of the driver.

A tendency to shatter anytime

This is one of the biggest dangers of driving with a cracked windshield. This can occur anytime and this is not respective of if there are persons in the car or vehicle or not. Most likely there would not be persons but cases have been reported where there are persons. Temperature fluctuations can cause these shattering or worse still when something hits the glass. Thankfully there have been new ideas to making windshields in such that the windshield is itself shielded in a urethane adhesive. They prevent noise and leaks as well as movements of the glass. Since the whole glass is held together by this urethane and it is also laminated, the whole windshield will not be separated from the frame.

How long will it be considered as safe to drive on a cracked windshield

Now here’s what every driver needs to understand. When you have even the smallest cracks on your windshield it means that the windshield has been compromised and its quality and safety can no longer be assured. This should also mean that as long as you keep using the vehicle on the Crack windshield it is not safe and from that moment you should look towards repairing or replacing. If this is not done, that vehicle becomes a hazard to you and your travelers as well as other people using the road.

What to do when your glass is cracked

Once you have a cracked windshield the first thing is to do a danger assessment but of course, you won’t be doing this yourself and you would be doing this hiring a professional glass technician. They are to determine if the glass is to be repaired or just replaced completely. There are a lot of companies out there that carry out repair and replacement of windshield and you also get this at great prices too.