We are having a day on the Greens with MGI.

The famers market is having a day out with the help of MGI. MGI are proudly sponsoring the whole golf day for Riverland farmers. Below is a little about MGI and what there Electric golf Caddy.s can do.

All our Trolleys come with the following:

  • Superb build quality
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Cruise control
  • Pneumatic wheels as standard
  • 1st Class Customer service
  • Battery power indicator
  • Fixed battery connection
  • 7 Year Experience
  • Oval frame for strength

As the latest model to the very popular ProTrolley electric golf trolley range , the ProTrolley Ultra trolley hosts a range of new and dynamic features. This superbly engineered trolley combines the latest lightweight and super strength materials with a powerful 180 watt motor. It is very stable, easy to maneuver and folds in a no-fuss, the quick lock movement, allows it to fit into the smallest of car boots.

With its superb construction and modern design, the new Ultra golf trolley boasts sturdy aluminum alloy frame, with an oval shaped section for extra stability, the handle has been designed for both left and right-handed golfers.

The new styled battery tray is now a sleek ABS molding and accommodates both 18 hole and 27 hole golf batteries. The batteries plug straight into the connector fixed into the tray, there are no flying leads to find and wrestle with. It features a new handle, built-in responsive speed control roller with a choice of 5 speeds, a soft touch standby switch, and a separate Digital Distance Function (DDF) button allowing direct access to this feature. The Ultra comes standard with Pneumatic sports wheels, which are easily removable , Other wheels are available as an optional extra for when you need different make up’s for different courses. The Ultra electric golf trolley is available in 4 models: 20Ah, 26Ah, 33Ah and Lithium. Whether you are a serious or occasional golfer, the ‘ProTrolley Ultra ’ has been designed and engineered to suit your game and your pocket.Battery Connector

Fixed battery connector

The advantage of a fixed battery connector is that you are not fishing around for a flying lead, the connector is part of the battery tray and is secure to save vibrations interrupting the power to the trolley..

USB Port

USB Charging port

The new range of trolleys come with USB ports, these ports may be used to plug in handheld devices, so that they can be powered or charged from the trolley..

Pneumatic wheels

Pneumatic wheels as standard

Our specialty is in Electric Golf Trolleys, but we have carefully selected a range to suit your budget that also meet our criteria for Quality, Pneumatic wheels offer suspension and durability.

To find out more information Visit us.mgigolf.com