Riverland Farmers Market

Farmers are the founders of human civilization.

Get the best organic food fresh from the farms and never pay for processed food again. Cut the middlemen and support the farmers.


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The Best Trusted Farms For You

Highly maintained farms with educated farmers who grow the best healthy vegetables and fruits.

Natural Foods

Naturally grown with patience and love.

 Safe Formalin

Tested formalin to protect food from pests.

100% Testy Food

High-quality organic food for natural taste.

We Are Organic Farm Food

We connect you directly to the farms of high-quality organic food to serve best quality eatables while supporting the farmers for their effort.

Testimonial: “Amazing Market to Visit”


Testimonial: ” We loved the Market Experience”


Quality Products

Tested and approved high-quality, delicious fruits and nutritious vegetables every day. Never consume chemicals again.

Super Healthy


100% Organic

Permium Quality

Willie A. Allred

What a great start to my day with daily delivery of fresh vegetables and fruits. I have never felt healthier and toxin-free

Fresh Organic Food

Healthy Vegetable 

Start a healthy diet with fresh vegetables every day direct from organic farms.

Organic Fruits

Get the taste and juice of the fruits of grown naturally and live a healthier life.

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5 Reasons you need a professional to remove your old couch?

No doubt, there are many many options available to you to remove your old couch. It is of course essential to use professional junk removal services to do this safely. Selling your old couch is one great option, but never the best. Here we shall be looking out five top reasons while a professional should remove your old couch.

Safety at its best

With the use of professional couch removal service like those found at Cheap Skips 4 Hire, you gain total security and protection from inury. Getting rid of your old couch can lead to many problems such as injuries, accidents, and other social disasters. With professionals on your side, you can avoid the negative issues.

Couch Removal Process

Using the services of a professional couch removal company  in your town can make the whole process stress-free for you and your family. You don’t have to worry about where to dispose of your old couch, or the tools to use, because someone else is there to do that for you. The whole calculation is done for you by the professionals.

They know the right tool for couch removal

It is extremely important to utilize the right tool or mechanisms available when removing furniture from your home. Strength alone is good, but using the right professional team would be better. There are a set of tools readily available to make your sofa removal simple and smart if you use them correctly.. It is only the professionals that know the best way to use these tools for your advantage.

The perfect place to dispose of your old couch

A professional is some who have gain years and wealth of experience in a particular industry or occupation. They have learnt the lessons of the mistakes that came before them. Using a professional couch removal company gives you the right atmosphere where you can easily dispose of your old couch with the hassle.

Affordable, yet quality

Using a professional couch removal company in your local suburb or area will help you to spend less. No doubt, many people believe hiring a professional will cost a fortune, the reality is that; it does not cost you much. It is very affordable if you use the right couch removal service.


Getting rid of your old couch implies the professional need to take them to somewhere outside your home in order to dispose of them. No doubt, your furniture is heavy, and needs some level of experience to handle it without any injury so to make sure that this is effective,  you need professionals to get the job done for you. If you undermine the usefulness of professional to remove your old couch you may experience troubles that will be lived to regret.

What To Do If You Get Locked Out Of An Airbnb Property At Night

This is a very common problem experienced by many people especially travelers. The main issue with this is that the door has the ability to lock itself automatically in an Airbnb property and this means if by any means you leave your room without your keys, you are going to be locked out of your house. This occurs to many people mostly due to the reason that they came from a journey and they are very tired or usually coming via airplanes so they experience get lags and blur vision and they don’t have a clear head so they just do things anyhow hoping the day will go by and eventually they make the mistake. There are a couple of stories and reviews online to tell you the quality of the services provided by Airbnb and these could give you an insight on how to be careful when using the Airbnb properties.

Here is the list of things you can do if you lock yourself out of an Airbnb rental.

Make Contact With Your Host

This should be the first line of action if you ever lock yourself out of an Airbnb property. But while doing this there are some things you should have in mind. Firstly, do not expect them to start running to you and expect them to take a little time to get there, at least set your mind to an hour. There might not be anyone close to you and they might be coming from miles away just to sort that you need. You also need to understand that you have made a mistake and they are doing you a favor even if you paid. They usually issue out warnings about this mistake, so it is either you are extra careful or polite.

 Do Not Leave The Property

Bathurst Conveyancer Evan Dowd insists that you do not say you are bored and you want to leave. Make sure you do not leave the property because if you do, when your help comes you won’t be there and if you are not there they can’t open the door because if they do and there is a theft they have to pay for your property and they wouldn’t want that. To make the whole matter straight forward and not compound the problem you need to maintain your position. You have to understand that your host will always try to remedy the situation.

Contact Airbnb

This is also very vital. If you are impatient, and you want to know if there are any updates you can contact the Airbnb resolution center to solve any of the issues or problems. They will respond to you and they will try to solve the problem of you locking yourself out, usually, they send a representative to fix the issue.


Pay attention to your phone battery

You do not want to leave your Airbnb property with a low phone even when you are sure you are with the key and even if for any reason you have a low phone, you should have a charger with you.



Do you actually need a baby food processor to prepare your own organic baby food? What else do you need to prepare your own organic baby food? It is recommended that you invest in the right kitchen utensils to help you prepare baby food recipes with organic foods.

Make sure you wash thoroughly the fruits and vegetables that you are using to prepare your own organic baby food and that they have been carefully peeled before cooking. When you make the purée, you can add breast milk, formula or spring water to add a bit of liquid if the food is too thick. You may also add a bit of unsweetened apple juice.

What Do I need to Make My Own Organic Baby Food?

A Baby Food Processor

Do you need a specific blender to make your own organic baby food or will any blender do? If you don’t have the budget to splash out on a baby food processor, then a normal blender will do the job, however we would recommend a baby food processor as not only will it be the right size with the right attachments for the consistency of baby food that you need, but with many models you will also be able to steam and blend the baby food.

Tommee Tippee Explora Baby Food Blender
Beaba Babycook 4 in 1 Baby Food Processor
Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer and Blender

Baby Food Jars

You will need jars to put the baby food in and labels for them with the dates. The jars and lids should be as sterile as possible. Washing them in the dishwasher before use, should do the trick.

Reusable Squeezable Bottles for Homemade Baby Food
Tutti Bimbi Baby Food Silicone Freezer and Storage Tray

Invest in a couple of feeding bottles and cups, or even reusable squeezable bottles depending on your baby’s age. Depending on the food, you will know which is best for use. Purchase a few storage containers that will hold and store the food when baby is not feeding to avoid constant preparations all day long. Ensure they are airtight to promote hygiene.

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Farmers Market Golf Day brought to by MGI

Farmers Market Golf Day brought to by MGI

We are having a day on the Greens with MGI.

The famers market is having a day out with the help of MGI. MGI are proudly sponsoring the whole golf day for Riverland farmers. Below is a little about MGI and what there Electric golf Caddy.s can do.

All our Trolleys come with the following:

  • Superb build quality
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Cruise control
  • Pneumatic wheels as standard
  • 1st Class Customer service
  • Battery power indicator
  • Fixed battery connection
  • 7 Year Experience
  • Oval frame for strength

As the latest model to the very popular ProTrolley electric golf trolley range , the ProTrolley Ultra trolley hosts a range of new and dynamic features. This superbly engineered trolley combines the latest lightweight and super strength materials with a powerful 180 watt motor. It is very stable, easy to maneuver and folds in a no-fuss, the quick lock movement, allows it to fit into the smallest of car boots.

With its superb construction and modern design, the new Ultra golf trolley boasts sturdy aluminum alloy frame, with an oval shaped section for extra stability, the handle has been designed for both left and right-handed golfers.

The new styled battery tray is now a sleek ABS molding and accommodates both 18 hole and 27 hole golf batteries. The batteries plug straight into the connector fixed into the tray, there are no flying leads to find and wrestle with. It features a new handle, built-in responsive speed control roller with a choice of 5 speeds, a soft touch standby switch, and a separate Digital Distance Function (DDF) button allowing direct access to this feature. The Ultra comes standard with Pneumatic sports wheels, which are easily removable , Other wheels are available as an optional extra for when you need different make up’s for different courses. The Ultra electric golf trolley is available in 4 models: 20Ah, 26Ah, 33Ah and Lithium. Whether you are a serious or occasional golfer, the ‘ProTrolley Ultra ’ has been designed and engineered to suit your game and your pocket.Battery Connector

Fixed battery connector

The advantage of a fixed battery connector is that you are not fishing around for a flying lead, the connector is part of the battery tray and is secure to save vibrations interrupting the power to the trolley..

USB Port

USB Charging port

The new range of trolleys come with USB ports, these ports may be used to plug in handheld devices, so that they can be powered or charged from the trolley..

Pneumatic wheels

Pneumatic wheels as standard

Our specialty is in Electric Golf Trolleys, but we have carefully selected a range to suit your budget that also meet our criteria for Quality, Pneumatic wheels offer suspension and durability.

To find out more information Visit us.mgigolf.com

Some Mistakes That People Make When They Buy Organic Foods

Some Mistakes That People Make When They Buy Organic Foods

There has actually been some ongoing debate about whether organic food products that are healthy than any of the other options that are available to us on the market. To make some matters more and more confusing, studies over the past couple of years have actually contradicted each other because some reports indicate that there is no difference, while so many others claim that there are considerable differences. Well, regardless of what anyone believes, a lot of research has been shown that the majority of all the produce that was gotten and then consumed in the United States Of America has been known to contain pesticide residue which may actually be harmful when it came to the health of those who were consuming it. Here are some things that you should keep in mind.

  • You should not swear by the label at any cost. It would certainly be nice if all of us had to ensure that our family was eating nutritious and also healthy food that was nowhere close to being contaminated. Well, unfortunately, it is not that simple. We need to make sure that we do not stick by everything that we see on the label. We need to try products and make sure that we have all of our own opinions about it after we have tried them out. You should also make sure that you do not try any products that are too controversially harmful to you.

  • When you buy snack foods and other packaged foods with an organic label, all you are really doing is, you are contributing to a high grocery bill. It would be best if you avoided the packaged and also the processed foods completely. The conventional options will do you just fine.
  • Furthermore, you should know that it is important to know all of your labels.
  • You should also not buy everything organic. Do not get me wrong, making use of organic products is great, but you should not make all of your products organic. Most people actually have the budget to keep on buying these products and sometimes it is actually not worth it.



  • You should also make sure that you do not neglect the store brands. If your main concern is avoiding the pesticides, the store-brand organics would actually be a great option for you.
  • Do not purchase strawberries in the month of February. This one could be considered to be a bit obvious, considering that there is more attention being paid to it in that month because of Valentine’s Day.
  • You should also go to farmer’s markets and get things from there.

Eat clean and green. Eat Organic

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